Electro-acoustic Trio

Guitare Théorbe, électro-acoustique

Specifications for this custom-made instrument :
Un accord identique à la guitare sept cordes, avec cordes doubles en nylon.
A design inspired by the authentical lutes, but intended to be played in a electro-acoustic way.

Top : Jura Spruce.
Sculpted-from-the-block body : Wengé and Thuja burr
Neck : Wengé and African Mahogany (with a truss rod)
Truss rod cover : Thuja burr and Ebony
Fingerboard and bindings : Ebony, bindings
Nut and saddle : bone and Ebony.

Technical and aesthetical characteristics :
Nylon stringed instrument.
Tuners : Schaller M6 mini.
Sept chœurs, dont cinq doublés à l’octave supérieure et deux à l’unisson, accordés du grave à l’aigu: si-mi-la-ré-sol-si-mi .
You can tune the 4 lower basses for the piece tonality, or in a chromatic way.
To attain the richest possible response, the bass chords can be played either under or on top of the nut.

Electro-acoustique :
This instrument is fitted with d’un capteur électrostatique interne Schertler C-DYN, muni d’une sortie stéréo.

About Theorb
In spite of its small size, the chamber allows to play without amplification, because the volume of the sound is very reasonable.
The sounboard is braced just like a lute (across), and the back is shaped in a rigid way in order to be less sensitive to « larsen ».
The body is designed with a cutaway adapted to the lute, in order to facilitate access to higher notes.

The sound is rather clear, and sweet (imagine a twelve-stringed classical guitar !). In spite of the body volume, basses are amazingly profound. The lower bass string chord can actually be lowered untill jusqu’au si grave of a five-stringed bass, with a very precise sound.



Les réalisations

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