About Julien Gendre’s work

Guitar maker since 2003, I’m using my acoustic conception of the guitar in order to offer the musicians a sensitive instrument, comfortable, and aesthetically harmonious.
My empirical researches in the guitar structure, led me to design special braces for the soundboard and the back.
Always acting to attain homogeneity of sound over the entire range, dynamics (the power but also the sensitivity) and richness of the tone, a very careful attention goes to any materials, glues and finish which compose the guitar.

But I am always happy to study any personnal project with specific aesthetic details or tonal qualities, no matter how ambitious !


I want to emphasize more local wood that are not contraband traded and whose exploitation is not involved in the deforestation of primary forests.
Europeans used to make a lot of instruments before we imported exotic wood ! Walnut, Ash, Maple, Linden, Pearwood, Boxwood, Plumwood, Applewood or Sorbwood, are also beautiful woods, albeit with different characters from tropical woods such as Rosewood, Mahogany or Ebony. But, used wisely, they can also make wonderful guitars.

Of course, their use does not prevent the combination with tropical wood (whose origin is certified) while required by a customized instrument. Beautiful harmonies can be find within this diversity of origins …