Julien Gendre
36 rue Pasteur
56400 LE BONO
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Mail : juliengendre@yahoo.fr

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Customized Making :

Based prices :

Acoustics :

  • Parlor shape : 5 500 €
  • Jumbo shape : 5 800 €
  • Electrics : 4 500 €, for an electric guitar such as Tao Guitar

Options :

On these bases is added the price of selected options such as cutaways, inlays, personal finish, pickups or electronics…. The final amount will be an estimate.

All guitars are delivered in cases.

Prices do not include shipping.

A deposit of 30% of the total price of the instrument will be asked for any confirmation of the order.

Guitars on sale

Sweet Storm : 5 800 €
Kilimanjaro (second-hand)

Other Services

Vintage restoration and repair
for all stringed /plucked instruments such as guitars, bass, mandolines, banjos, ukuleles…

Special thanks

Thanks to the musicians :
Nguyen Lê
Pierre Bensusan
Joël Ambroise
Christian Lecanu
Olivier Louvel
Benoit Medrykovsky
Mr Rouillon-Ramus
Richard Serre
Frédérick Bertrand
And all the other musicians, who confided me their instrument, object of all their attention, and my greatest application, for a setup, a repair or a restoration

Thanks to my making masters :
Edy Boucher, cabinetmaker and contemporary furniture creator in Marnay (37). I owe him a large part of my interest and curiosity for woods.
Joêl Laplane, guitar maker in Marseille and teacher in ITEMM, French School of Lutherie, in Le Mans (72) during my training (1995-1998), who was an example in his personal research for the design and structure of the guitar.
Alain Raifort, guitar maker in Tours (37), for his rigour in making, restoring, and, adjusting.
And thanks also to the guitar makers Richard Caro, Jean-Pierre Favino, Daniel Friedrich, Franck Cheval and Alain Queguiner, for their constructive comments in my beginnings…