Acoustic guitars


Lady Normandy

Specifications for this custom-made instrument :

- An acoustic, steel stringed guitar, parlour size
– Neck-body junction on the 12th fret, diapason 650 mm
– Nut width : 45 mm
– A round and warm tone.

Woods :

Back and sides : Touraine « moiré » Pear Tree
Soundtrack : Jura Spruce
Neck : Mahogany
Fingerboards and bridge : Ebony
Bindings and truss rod cover : Snakewood

Technical and aesthetical characteristics :

Classical head with Waverly engraved bronze tuners, and snakewood knobs.
Inlays along the rosette and the fingerboard represent a flowered apple tree branch, with : mother-of-pearl, snakewood, and stained curly maple

Électro-acoustique :

The guitar is outfitted with an Ischell pickup system.


Specifications :

- An acoustic, steel stringed guitar, jumbo size, width largeur 420 mm
– Body width : 95 mm au talon et 115 au bas de caisse
– a neck-body junction on the 14th fret, diapason 650 mm
– Nut width : 44 mm
– Cutaway with urillées sides
– « home made » braces resulting in a balanced rich tonal palette
– A round and warm tone.

Woods :

Back and sides : French Walnut
Soundtrack : Jura Spruce
Neck : French curly Walnut
Fingerboards and bridge : Touraine boxwood
Body bindings and truss rod cover : Touraine Boxwood
Top and fingerboard inlays, and fingerboard bindings : Boxwood and black stained Maple

Technical and aesthetical characteristics :

Pegheds tuners, traditional peg shaped
Natural cellulose lacker


Other Jumbo models : Spirit of Mars


Les réalisations

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